Split Horn Headdress of the British Museum Collection

On March 29, 2011 A group of Blackfoot people from all four tribes travelled to London, England and surveyed the collection at the British Museum storage. The part of the collection surveyed has quill worked scalp lock and weasel tail shirts, a split horn headdress from the Horn Society, a spilt horn headdress from the Brave Dogs Society, two straight up headdress', A shield, a club, a mans saddle, a woman's dress, a Brave Dogs rattle, a toothed necklace and a pair of men's leggings with quill work on them.

There is more Blackfoot materials in their collection but these are the item's that were marked as most important to see on this visit. There are item's on display in the main museum as well as more in storage. You can access the British Museum's main page and collections database:

Photographs taken by Adrienne Heavy Head.
Museum inventory document provided by the British Museum for use by the Blackfoot Digital Library. British Museum Documents are for educational use only. Not to be published without permission from the British Museum.